Find your missing link to wellness at home, work or play.

How many readers at this moment feel well, not of optimal health but keep pushing because missing work is not an option and everyone from family, friends and whomever depend on you?  

The hours in the day do not cover all that needs to be done before the day starts over again.  Physical and emotional energy plunge daily and the body is left to recharge on 3-5 hours of sleep or less, push the reset button and repeat.  Add over-the-counter or prescription medications, drive-thru, microwave meals and all sorts of preservative laden energy drinks and the sky is the limit. The question of concern is for how long?

As a health professional, I care deeply to educate the meaning of health and well-being. The words are synonymous when it comes to a balanced lifestyle of goodness. The importance of a health conscious proactive lifestyle bring benefit to all facets of life. Pretty much when the body balance from within, life aligns without the distraction of uncomfortable body signals of discomfort.

How many think of self-abuse from a lack of proper nutrition and hydration?

Without proper food and water consistently, the body suffers down to the cellular level. Many survive from experience, what is taught from one generation to the next with the thought that is the way it is. The family is predisposed to ill-health and continue to move through life with the expectation of the demise set to happen because so many family members have it, whatever it is?

Move beyond the family discomforts or ill-health and focus on how a life of balance and great health is achievable. First, advocate for yourself, take charge of your health, know how your body feels and what is important to maintain yourself at optimal health and wellness.

Question your doctor to be clear which medications, surgery and medical test are necessary to regain and maintain your health. Are there alternative holistic options to diminish side-effects and minimal invasive procedures?

Next, exercise is key, movement is a fundamental to increase circulation. There are many books, articles and such available as to the best strategy when it comes to exercise. Is a gym membership, personal trainer, an accountability partner or going it alone the best option?

Bottom-line, maintain a commitment to get up and get moving several times a week to enhance good health. Decrease stiffness, increase flexibility and respiration helps the body to function cohesively from day to day.

Frequently when the topic of water enters a conversation, many liquid substitutes replace the crucial impact water has on the body. The body is 60-70 percent water and systems depend on water to function properly. Not in the form of alcohol, soft drinks, caffeine, juice and whatever else comes up.

Research shows at least half of one’s body weight in ounces is a good measure to hydrate daily. Dry skin, lips, nails and hair to include the color of urine is a great indicator of a lack of proper hydration. Next time constipation is an issue think, how much water and natural fiber is in the diet?

This next step is so vital, consider this a shout from the mountain top.  EAT TO LIVE. Acid-alkaline, ph balance is underrated in our society.  Dis-ease and discomfort cannot thrive in a ph balanced body.

Living on fast-food, fried, packaged, denatured foods and animal products leave so many in a constant state of physical distress it is the norm. So many conditions thrive from the lackluster choice of living to eat instead of eating to live.

A difference to move toward a healthy lifestyle is choice of nutrition. After a recent workshop of food-healing, I highly recommend “Conquering Any Disease”, author, Jeff Primack. This book is an A-Z list of foods and their phytochemical elements to heal various conditions, in my opinion this is one of the best books of food healing. In addition, a cookbook and smoothie book are available for purchase at

Finally, in closing, I encourage all to include therapeutic bodywork. The healing touch of the right touch is found to encourage the body to release the stressors from life.

Energy is bound in the cells and the negative flow on the body is evident in soreness, tense, tingling and tight tissue under the skin. Blocked energy manifest itself in the form of dis-ease and discomfort and to ignore lends itself to unhealthy lifestyle. Should one not be accustomed to bodywork and shy away from removal of clothing or perhaps the idea of touch from a stranger, seek a professional & discuss the options for optimal therapeutic bodywork session to address the area/s of concern.

I recommend CranioSacral Therapy as a therapy of choice which allow the body to self-correct and balance itself through the touch of trained hands. From infants to adults, all benefit to release the issue in the tissues. Begin today and schedule

A journey to wellness may well be on target or a few of the steps above are necessary to move the body to balance and optimal health. The key to better health and wellness is knowledge, Eat to Live, exercise, hydrate, sleep and bodywork.

DISCLAIMER*** The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We make no medical claims and make no statements of validation.  Always consult with your professional health care provider before beginning any health care regimen.

Your Body is INTERdependent

We don’t see it but we know it is there because without it, we cease to exist. The body is interdependent upon each system yet the Central Nervous System which is the brain and the spinal cord is the control center of the body.

How prepared on a daily basis is attention given to ensure optimal performance? Nothing is more compelling to pay attention to this vital system unless there is pain or discomfort. Performance in school needs brain health function to peak in and out of the classroom. So of course brain health matters. Solutions for change.

Parents take a moment to understand the brain. The brain is more than matter, no pun intended, it is the gateway of knowledge. When problems appear, a headache, fatigue, depression or even constipation may impact a clear mind. How about a lack of focus, memory or behavioral issues that may lead to classroom attention not ideally wanted?

Keeping it simple I believe barring an accident or trauma the brain can be helped with proactive steps.


Steps to Help Your Child’s Brain

First, listen and believe. Take into consideration the discomfort may be real. Of course we know our children and not all pain is real pain but to the individual it just may be their reality. It is better to be safe than sorry. The body has a way of telling and touch therapy (massage/bodywork) is an alternative to provide relief. Of the five senses, touch is the most primitive and the one underutilized. A light external touch of the cranium can reveal information a trained therapist use to help their clients.

Also, the hands and feet are a map of the body which use touch as a guide to discern an area in need of attention. An example is the thumb is the head and houses the pituitary gland.  A rub or pressure may relieve a headache and perhaps balance hormones.

The brain and spinal cord understands touch and although many bodywork therapies exist my favorite is CranioSacral Therapy (CST). This gentle light touch therapy allows the body to self-correct and balance itself. The benefits extend from infants thru seniors. The body is built to tolerate some stress and tension but so many wake up and go to bed with tension overload.

The start of a new school year brings its own set of problems, add a lack of misunderstanding of body functions (headaches, depression, concentration and misbehavior) help is a phone call away 469-955-6530.

Through an alternative to conventional medicine CST a great way to bring balance. Stress starts from pregnancy, into the birth process and hangs on for a lifetime with stress related issues. This leads to dis-ease and dysfunction of the body.  The body knows what it wants and knowledge is power and given the proper therapy, alternative solutions may provide resolution. I encourage all to consider the options available in touch therapy.

Children need our help to guide them to be the best. Increase their ability to focus and become a better learner in the classroom and home. Research continues to show the untapped potential of the brain limits greatness. Minimize the tension/stress your student may avoid this school year with a gift of CranioSacral Therapy and/or massage/bodywork ( It’s worth the experience, decrease stress/tension/pain, dis-ease and dysfunction thru the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.


This school year enhance your students learning potential with bodywork/massage. Enrollment, check, school supplies, check, extracurricular activities, check, clothes, check, food, check, immunizations, check, bodywork/CranioSacral Therapy/massage_____.

Make this a reality! It will be a great return on your health investment.

As a practicing Health Professional my clients are my priority. My goal is to provide services/products that are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

We make no medical claims and make no statements of validation.  Always consult with your professional health care provider before beginning any health care regimen.

A thought provoking question in regards to the body, choices, will it help or hurt?

Who would ever think 60 minutes of stillness can add a wealth of renewal for mind, body and spirit? With summer coming to an end, road trips over and prepping to send the kids go back to school, Take 60 Minutes & experience the best deep relaxation ever imagined.

To celebrate the last holiday of the summer, Labor Day, consider a celebration for self.  Many look forward to September each year to celebrate Labor Day, for many a paid holiday to celebrate the American labor force contributions of growth & prosperity in this country but when do stop to celebrate self? The holiday is on the calendar but are you on the calendar?

Mark the calendar NOW, “Take 60 Minutes” to rejuvenate and unwind, for the next round of stressors is lurking in the background. Truth be known many walk around with stress and tension which shows up as a headache, neck/back pain, depression, & much more. Trust the process of alternative care as a proactive response to heal from the inside out.

Care and concern to unwind includes children and teens as society is much different from yesteryear. The light gentle touch session may last from 30 to 60 minutes’ dependent on the age of the young client & their ability to tolerate the duration of a session.

Infants also benefit from this therapy. Clearly infants cry but not all crying relate to a wet diaper, hunger, teething or sleep. Birth is traumatic and assistance to help the infant/mother recover after birth is phenomenal.

A single to multiple sessions is shown to be life changing regardless of age. Stress starts with conception and continue to build throughout a lifetime. The most common fix for discomfort is over-the-counter medication or a visit to the Doctor for a prescription remedy. But if you take nothing else from this article, understand the importance of therapeutic bodywork and the benefits associated with such care.

Time and time again I ask a potential client, when was the last time they took 60 minutes of therapeutic bodywork?  Not bedtime or a daytime nap but therapeutic to allow the body time to release and let go of internal distress.

We are not taught how to naturally take care of the body when something on the inside is out of whack. What I have found, the response for discomfort is ignore, medicate or for the few, alternative relief.

I encourage all to Take 60 Minutes to experience amazing relief through body maintenance not as a treat, but as a necessity to enhance body performance.

The take way, a paradigm shift, a proactive choice to feel better in overall health. Ask yourself, am I willing to think outside the box and experience terrific relief from pain or discomfort?

Parents, how important for the kids to feel great?  Kids know how they feel, listen and help yourself and your child feel better. Take time to schedule now, call 469-955-6530 or schedule online

The therapy I suggest is CranioSacral Therapy (CST). The body has the inherent ability to heal itself and CST allows the body to self-correct with light-touch therapy.

The Central Nervous System, the brain and spinal cord is the control center of the body. The signals from the nerves communicate to organs to function. Stress and tension create miscommunication between the brain and body most often not favorable for the human body.  Even those who suffer with allergies, sinus issues or swelling Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is another light touch therapy to assist the body’s natural healing ability.

Take 60 Minutes of Therapeutic Bodywork and enjoy a relaxed body and inner healing which the body will appreciate. This Labor Day, this month commit to a year of better self-care. Everybody deserves to feel better and benefit thru body maintenance.  Imagine no discomfort, increase energy, an amazing aha moment to feel the best ever. This is a win-win and celebrate every day, your health is your wealth! If you want to optimize your health, schedule an appointment with Better Health Brenda at 214-380-9700.