Is WI-Fi Killing Us?

Who cares, eat right, exercise, hydrate and reduce stress is the formula right? WiFi is the connector to talk and see anyone anywhere, watch a movie on a hand-held device, play games worldwide, lock a door, turn on/off security systems, watch daycare providers on camera and the list goes on.

Newsflash, WiFi, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a silent problem, wake up and realize the potential for harm looms throughout the world daily. It’s everywhere, there is no escaping it. This world which we live in from the north to the south, east, west, global cellular debris sits within us. Is it making us sick?  Are there fallout consequences today, tomorrow or the future? Who knows?

Someone knows but who pays attention, the phone rings, we answer, the microwave is quick, technology connectivity to a world of entertainment, study, relationships, work, play and anything in-between. EMR use is daily in lives but, at what cost to our health?

At a recent seminar I was shocked to find out the state of the world when it comes to EMR. No problem, right, wrong! Oh my goodness, everyday devices (cellphone, laptop, iPad, microwave, smart TVs, etc.…) usage is common place, even in the classroom they are wired. Is anyone paying attention to how the technology impacts the body? We couldn’t possibly be so naive to believe it’s nothing to be concerned about. Look around, emotional and physical problems treated with traditional methods, yet the problem still exist. As a baby-boomer in conversation with other boomers, there tends to be a common thought, “newer generations are not like us born in earlier years.” What is the issue or concern should be what happened?

Research shows today’s wireless lifestyle is toxic and we live in this technological environment blissful to have almost anything we want instantly. It should not come as a surprise the lack of information is not headline news. Stay in the dark and continue using these devices but wonder the exposure to EMR and electro-sensitivity unexplained symptoms of headaches, migraines, dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, depression, eye problems, sinusitis, allergies, hydration, weight gain, pain, thyroid issues and much, much more.

I consider myself quite in tune with my body and will never forget the feeling I experience when holding my phone to my ear. Being concerned I went to the doctor to check the discomfort experience I had on the right side of my face and neck. Totally disappointed as I was told, he was a skeptic and didn’t believe cell phone use was the problem. The physician was even sarcastic to say, place a deck of card to myhead and see if I felt the same sensation. Though laughable I replaced him as my personal doctor. I considered that rude and insensitive to discount my discomfort.

A holistic approach is the usual path I take but when something is out of the ordinary I due seek traditional diagnosis. However, my goal is to remain the CEO of my health and that is why I choose to find natural solutions and remedies to maintain optimal health. It is a journey and I encourage all to look at their health and be proactive in moving toward better health and wellness.

My recommendation is to learn to thrive in this wireless age and I invite all to check out the products that is a remedy to deal with this silent killer. The solution to significantly reduce EMR absorbed by the body is available at

I invite all to view the trailer “The Truth About Cancer”, episode 7, on YouTube informing those who are interested on scientific evidence of the impact of wireless technology. It is here to stay, protect your family, today!

Brenda H Wakefield, MS, LMT, LMTI, CEP, CHC
Better Health & Wellness  469-955-630

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